136 Church Street, Naugatuck CT

Each month on the 1st, we will spotlight a student.
There will be many reasons for us choosing our “Spotlight”.

We respect and value each of you and recognize how difficult
it can be to make fitness a priority in your busy lives.

We want you to feel our love and support always and know
that we are always proud of each and everyone of you!

We also want you to realize how important it is to take time
for yourself. We want you to truly love yourself and be proud
of every effort you make to be better then the day before,
minute before, year before!

Because we feel YOU are our “Lights” in this world ...
we want to S P O T L I G H T  you!!

Meagan Krushinski

Spotlight Student, October 2019

We spotlighted Meagan this month because of the true dedication she made for herself and kept her eye on her goal. The never ending smile I see on her face no matter what class she is attending and through that smile I see pure happiness. Happiness is an amazing true medicene. Always walking into class with a smile and leaving with a smile. We aim to help reach every ones fitness goals but we are also here to see everyone smile.

We are so proud of you mama ❤ Thanks for inspiring everyone around you

In Her Words...

I am truly honored to be chosen as this month’s spotlight student!  It is exciting to share that with the help of the fantastic instructors at Studio Z 62 and encouragement from my classmates, I have lost 80 pounds!  The journey was not always easy and I still have work to accomplish but thanks to the incredible support, I am at the lowest weight I’ve been in 16 years.  My first day at the studio a couple years ago, I explained how I was recovering from a knee injury and all the instructors took the time to teach me modifications so I could participate in their classes without further hurting myself.  Studio Z 62 has a style that is totally unique and that is what keeps me wanting to come back for more.  The energy that each instructor brings to her class fills the room and I always leave feeling better than when I came.  When I look back at when I first started, I have to laugh at how awkward I was, but no one ever judged me.  Everyone has always made me feel so welcomed and I went from hiding in the back of the class to now taking a spot in the front of the class.  The instructors also challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and try things that I never thought I would.  Not only do I go to the traditional Zumba classes, I also love going to Pound and Cardio & Tone classes.  Studio Z 62 constantly puts on the greatest events so I’m always excited to see what they are going to come up with next (I can’t wait for the Freaky Friday Pound & Pour on October 18th)!  The instructors and my classmates at Studio Z62 have become like another family to me.  So thank you to Tammy, Mary, Tracy, Stefanie, Rebecca, Joanne, Demetrios and Taylor for loving what you do and sharing that love with me!  You have turned me into a Studio Z 62 Groupie and thanks to you, I am never turning back!