136 Church Street, Naugatuck CT

Tracy Brody

     I got Zumba certified in 2012 with no plan as to if I would teach. But one day, I was tying my sneakers,  getting ready to take a class and suddenly I hear this cool cat say,  “Hey, you just got certified to instruct right? You wanna teach  for me ?” And that was it. Believe it or not, I started off a shy guy .... yeah  SHY, you read that right! Now No ONE can shut me up! No one knows where I get my level of energy from, quite frankly nor do I. Now over 8 years later with this amazing studio, I could never have imagined another path better for me. Ever.
     I’m certified In Zumba, Zumba Toning , Zumba Kids, Zumba Step and Strong Nation.  I’m AFAA CERT group fitness.  ME ME ME ME ME But blah blah blah JIMMY JIMMY CRACK CORN 
     Dance fitness is my therapy. I can get into all the tragedies that I have endured these past 8 years, but what’s so important to me and what stands out the most is this studio, the students , were the glue that held me together and kept me focused and strong. 
     I love my Classes and so should you!

Stefanie Santos

     I am a new mom to my beautiful daughter and also a fur mom (dog and horses!). Whether it is hiking with my dog or just hanging outside with my horses, that is where you would most likely find me. I love food.  I am always up to try a new place to eat especially if they have tacos, chicken or chocolate. I am an Assistant Controller Monday through Friday until 430 p.m. By night, I am able to rock out with some amazing rockstars!

     I started my fitness journey about 5 years ago. I always LOVED to dance and honestly, do any kind of exercise. About 3 years ago, I took my first pound class. You got it! I was hooked!  First, I was presented with an opportunity to teach a spin class (which I love as well). I was nervous but decided I have nothing to lose. Then, that same person told me to become certified for Pound.  So I did just that. In the last 3 years, I have watched the little girl who was scared to try things, especially by myself, journey to become the girl who is willing to face fears and break down walls. Becoming a fitness instructor was probably one of the best things to have happened to me. I am so glad to have found a studio to call my home and I can’t wait until the next time we release our inner rockstar! 💚

Meet Our Team

Mary Thody

     I started Zumba as a fun new way to lose weight in 2008. Quickly it became clear that I wanted to become an instructor and share this awesome fitness format with others. In 9 years’ time with this studio,  I have built some of the best relationships . I have been a part of my student’s life events , and they have been a part of mine . I started this studio as a McConnell. I was single , a sister , a friend , a daughter, and New to the Zumba instructor world. This studio has seen me become a wife , literally it watched me become a Thody . My students were there and there were many "lives" on Facebook 😂
     This studio has seen me become a mother . Yet another name change , “mama.” Zumba Friends/family literally in the hospital moments later to welcome her into this world . This studio has watched me say good bye to not one parent, but two . The students were there to help me stand through that as well . 
     In 9 years’ time I received my Zumba , Zumba Toning , Zumba Kids , and Zumba Strong certifications. (Ask me about the strong CERT at 39 weeks pregnant in New York city . 😂😂😂) 
     Zumba has brought me so much more than weight loss and fitness . Zumba has brought me relationships , bonds , and a circle of friends that i am honored to call family .
     So meet me on the dance floor, you’ll love my class. You’ll enter as a stranger and leave as a friend ❤️

Erika Bautista, Owner

Rebecca Romero

Hi! My name is Rebecca and I’ve been a Zumba instructor for 2 years!  My favorite part about teaching Zumba is letting go of all of your stress and troubles for an hour and dancing all of your problems away. When I’m not teaching Zumba, my favorite things to do include hanging out with dog, watching movies, and trying different restaurants!