8:15 am    Pound / Kettlebell Fusion
    9:15 am    Cardio and Tone


    5:30 am    ZUMBA®
    9:15 am    ZUMBA®
    5:25 pm    Pound Fitness
    6:10 pm    ZUMBA®
    7:15 pm    BEGINNER Country Line Dancing


    5:30 am    Cardio and Tone     

    9:15 am    NO CLASS AT THIS TIME
    5:25 pm    Tabata
    6:10 pm    ZUMBA®


    5:30 am    ZUMBA®    

    9:15 am    Zumba® Toning
    5:25 pm    Kettlebell Grit      

    6:10 pm    ZUMBA®
    7:15 pm     Country Line Dancing 


    5:30 am    Zumba® Toning
    9:15 am No class at this time   

    5:45 pm 30/30 Split- Tabata step/cardio tone    


    5:30 am    ZUMBA®
    9:15 am    ZUMBA®

   5:25 pm    Barre        
   6:10 pm    ZUMBA®- Free Happy Hour 


    8:15am      Zumba® Step

    9:15 am    ZUMBA® TONING

All Schedules, instructors, and prices subject to change. 

Please note we need a minimum of 10 people to keep a class.

Virtual Schedule

DURING the mandated closings due to the spread of COVID-19, our studio is closed for classes but we are offering virtual class. Please contact us for more information.

For cancellations (ie snow days) or schedule changes (ie, holidays) check the SCHEDULE CHANGES under the Schedule tab.

Our Schedule

We offer 2 new 30 minute classes everyday. One class will be a dance and the other will be a strength. Each class stays up for 48 hours before it is replaced. You can easily work the classes into your own work life balance. Contact us for more information.

In Studio Schedule


136 Church Street, Naugatuck CT