5:30 am    ZUMBA®
    9:30 am    ZUMBA®
    5:30 pm    POUND Fitness®
    6:15 pm    Cardio/Kettlebell (4/12 only)

    6:15 pm    STRONG Nation®

    5:30 am    Cardio & Tone
    9:30 am    STRONG Nation® - NO CLASS 4/13 ONLY
    6:15 pm    ZUMBA®

   5:30 am    ZUMBA®
    9:30 am    ZUMBA®
    5:30 pm    Kettlebell Grit 
    6:15 pm    ZUMBA®

    5:30 am    ZUMBA® Toning
    9:30 am    Cardio&Tone (4/15 only)

    9:30 am    STRONG Nation®​
    6:15 pm    ZUMBA® 

    5:30 am    ZUMBA®
    9:30 am    ZUMBA®
    6:15 pm    ZUMBA®

   8:30 am    ZUMBA® Toning
    9:30 am   HIIT the BARRE

    8:30 am    POUND Fitness & Kettlebell Grit
     9:30 am    Cardio & Tone

***Ask about our virtual, pre-recorded option to take classes at ANY time or ANY day you want


All classes will require a reservation in order to keep in compliant of the state regulations for social distancing. Please be sure if you are unable to attend that you Cancel your reservations to allow a spot for another student. Please see below.

  Ultimate Box n' Burn
   Upcoming Dates +Times TBD

Note: Specialty Classes will be separate from our current running schedule/membership. We will offer a 5-class punch card. Please see pricing.

Our Schedule


Let's break down our monthly autopay price!


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136 Church Street, Naugatuck CT

Virtual Schedule

Have access to 10+ videos weekly!!

You can easily work the classes into your
own work life balance. Contact us for more information.

Cancelling a Pre-registered Class or $15 Fee.
You must cancel your registration if you are unable to attend the class you pre-registered for, otherwise you will automatically be charged a $15 fee.

For ALL 5:30 am AND 8:15 am classes:

•   If you need to cancel early morning classes, please do so before 9 pmthe night before!

For ALL 9:15 / 9:30 am AND ALL NIGHT classes:
•   If you need to cancel any of these class times, please do so at least one and a half hours before class start time.

Thank you so much for understanding we value and appreciate you all. We just want to be fair to everyone.