136 Church Street, Naugatuck CT


Social Distancing

As part of these re-opening guidelines, we are limited to 18 students at any one time. To comply with this requirement, we ask all students to do the following:

  • Reservations are required. You will need to sign-up for each class in advance. (unfortunately, for now, you will be unable to show up to class without a reservation)
  • Leave promptly to allow for the next group of students to come in.
  • We currently are asked to wear masks during out workouts, and at all other times while in the studio, except for water/mask breaks.

In addition:

  • class times shortened to allow for cleaning in between classes, and for safety due to working out with masks on.
  •  Unfortunately for now, you will only be able to attend one live class daily, to ensure other students have an opportunity to attend a class, but please always ask if there is room for you to double up, with understanding that we are limited.
  • We will still be offering the virtual classes which will still include ONE dance and ONE strength, so you can still get your desired workout in.
  • If you Have been ill.... experiencing any cold or flu like symptoms we ask that you kindly stay HOME !

THANK YOU for being patient and understanding so we can all practice safe social distancing.