136 Church Street, Naugatuck CT


Social Distancing

Employee and Member Mask Policy

As a fit family, we truly have remained committed to the safety and security of all of our employees and members, as we thoroughly followed the CDC guidance since the beginning of the global pandemic. Your health, wellness and safety is our first priority.
As of May 14, 2021, the CDC states that masks and face coverings may be used voluntarily in indoor and outdoor settings by fully vaccinated individuals. At the studio we will allow face coverings as optional for fully vaccinated employees, members and guests starting Monday May 17th.

We ask that you be respectful and considerate of the comfort levels, opinions and feelings of others around you during classes, as well as before and after classes whether you are vaccinated or not.

Due to privacy considerations, you can not ask if someone has been vaccinated, or proof there of. Regardless of if you are vaccinated, you can still choose to wear your mask. Social distancing remains in effect along with our cleaning and safety procedures.

Although masks are now voluntary, we encourage all of our employees and members to do their part to decrease the spread of COVID-19. Social distance from others, stay home if you are feeling ill, and frequently wash your hands.

Please continue to sign up/register for classes via the website studioz62.com !
We thank you for being so patient and respectful of others during this crazy journey, and we will see you soon at the studio!