136 Church Street, Naugatuck CT


Social Distancing

As part of these re-opening guidelines, we are limited to 17 students at any one time. To comply with this requirement, we ask all students to do the following:

  • Reservations are required. You will need to sign-up for each class in advance. (unfortunately, for now, you will be unable to show up to class without a reservation)
  • Leave promptly to allow for the next group of students to come in.

In addition:

  • class times shortened to allow for cleaning in between classes
  • We will offer up to Three 30min to 1.5 hour - fitness classes in the evening to allow more members to attend class.  Unfortunately for now, you will only be able to attend one live class daily, to ensure other students have an opportunity to attend a class.
  • We will still be offering the virtual classes which will still include ONE dance and ONE strength, so you can still get your desired workout in.
  • If you Have been ill.... experiencing any cold or flu like symptoms we ask that you kindly stay HOME !

THANK YOU for being patient and understanding so we can all practice safe social distancing.