136 Church Street, Naugatuck CT

Stephanie Couture

Spotlight Student, February 2020

In Her Words...

I have been going to Studio 62 Z for 2 years +. When I first walked in those doors, I didn’t know what to expect or how I would feel. Basically what brought me there was a need to get back in shape. My numbers weren’t what I wanted to see. I had done the gym thing and I knew I didn’t want to do machines etc., the regular gym routine. I had taken classes previously at another place and knew that’s what I preferred. I saw the signs for Studio Z everywhere around town and decided to give it a try. What Studio Z has done for me is beyond what I could have imagined. I have made friends “Come as strangers leave as friends” is 100% true. Not only have I have gotten in physical shape but mentally and emotionally I have changed. My confidence has sky rocketed and I have done things I never thought I would ever do like dance on stage, film myself dancing on my deck and participating in a Dance Til You Drop competition. When Mary invited me onstage the first time, I was like wait what me?? That changed my life and now I regularly, proudly dance to my songs on stage. The students and instructors have changed me for the better. I can’t imagine my life without Studio Z.

Each month on the 1st, we will spotlight a student.
There will be many reasons for us choosing our “Spotlight”.

We respect and value each of you and recognize how difficult
it can be to make fitness a priority in your busy lives.

We want you to feel our love and support always and know
that we are always proud of each and everyone of you!

We also want you to realize how important it is to take time
for yourself. We want you to truly love yourself and be proud
of every effort you make to be better then the day before,
minute before, year before!

Because we feel YOU are our “Lights” in this world ...
we want to S P O T L I G H T  you!!