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BE SURE TO FILL OUT ALL ASTERISKS or the reservation will NOT go through.

Ultimate Box n' Burn Sign-ups - Reserve your spot!!

​​VERY IMPORTANT: You will NOT get a confirmation.You must fill out all the fields with an asterisk. You will know it went through if after you submit, this screen reappears, MINUS the form below and instead it will say: Thank you for signing up for class. We look forward to seeing you in class! LIKE THIS:


All classes will require a reservation in order to keep in compliant of the state regulations for social distancing. Please be sure if you are unable to attend that you cancel your reservations to allow a spot for another student.

NOTE for ALL 9:30 am AND ALL NIGHT classes:
If you need to cancel any of these class times, please be sure to do so at least one and a half hours before class start time.

Thank you so much for understanding we value and appreciate you all. We just want to be fair to everyone.